Atlantic Azores – Making Azores the Atlantic Ocean Sustainability Hub

Luís Batista (Vera Navis), Paulo Serra Lopes (Oceanic Motion), Guilherme Vaz (blueOASIS), Pedro Antunes (Vera Navis)

A new Azorean consortium is born at the beginning of 2022.

Bringing together three Portuguese companies (Vera Navis | Ship Design, blueOASIS, Oceanic Motion) Atlantic Azores – Blue Economy Innovation, A.C.E. aims to support the sustainable development of the Azores region and catalyse it as a strategic Atlantic Sustainability Hub.

Atlantic Azores – Blue Economy Innovation, A.C.E. can assist all sorts of strategic studies, product development, research, technical design and analysis projects towards sustainability efforts in the areas of Ship Design, Aquaculture, Renewable Energy, Decarbonization of Harbours, Decarbonization of Shipping (emissions, fuels, operations), Vessels local repairing, Transshipment, Digital Twinning, Environmental Impacts and Acoustics.

The team is composed of different experts such as Naval Architects, Aerospace Engineers, Mechanical Engineers and Biologists with a large experience in Ship Design and maritime infrastructures, Renewables, Environment and Industry 4.0 and Food Sustainability.

Atlantic Azores works with a solid national and international network.

Knowledge partners:
Universities and research institutes such as Universidade dos Açores, Instituto Superior Técnico, University of New Brunswick, University Duisburg-Essen, atNorth, Marin, SINTEF, among others.

Strategic Partners:
Shipyards & H2, Local Stakeholders, Renewables and Aquaculture companies, Research and Development partners, such as Holland Shipyards Group, Ocean Grazer, Porto dos Açores, Lotaçor, Seawind, Marinha Portuguesa, among others.